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GIDRM: Overview phases I-III

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GIDRM III: Factsheet

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GIDRM III: Strengthening multi-risk approaches in Southern Africa

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GIDRM II: Factsheet

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GIDRM II: Key messages on coherence

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GIDRM II: Coherence as the process of joint and integrated policy making

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GIDRM II: Guidance Note on Coherence by GIDRM

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GIDRM II: Fragility & Coherence | Summary of Recommendation Report

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GIDRM II: Information Governance for Disaster Risk Reduction (IG4DRR)

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GIDRM II: Information Governance for Disaster Risk Reduction (IG4DRR) -- Poster

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GIDRM II: Mainstreaming Gender within Local Government Climate and Disaster Risk Assessments

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GIDRM II: Practical Definition of Criticality regarding Road Infrastructure

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GIDRM II: DRM in Public Investments in Highways

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GIDRM II: Costs and benefits of (in)coherence: Disaster Risk Reduction in the Post-2015-Agenda (UNU)

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Cookbook on Coherence by GNDR (Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction)

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GIDRM II: Key Messages on Coherence by RCC (Regional Consultative Committee on Disaster Management) - Perspectives from Asia and the Pacific

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GIDRM II: Policy Brief on Coherence by RCC (Regional Consultative Committee on Disaster Management)

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GIDRM I: Standards on Disaster Risk Management for Hotels and Resorts

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GIDRM I: Tsunami Early Warning Systems in Indonesia

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GIDRM I: Local Flood Early Warning Systems; Mozambique & the Philippines

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GIDRM I: Hydrometeorological Early Warning in the Dominican Republic

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GIDRM I: Public Warnings on Mobile Phones

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GIDRM I: Urban resilience

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GIDRM I: Integrated Fire Safety and Risk Management in Industry Clusters

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GIDRM I: Suitability Model

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GIDRM I: Strengthening Resilience of Small and Medium Businesses

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GIDRM II Explained: Sustainability through Coherence


GIDRM II: Agenda Coherence in Germany


Germany's Official Statement at the 2019 Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction