Are you risk-informed? Join this year’s Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction!

From 23-28 May 2022, the seventh Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (#GP2022) is organised by the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) as a hybrid event in Bali, Indonesia. As the key review mechanism on the implementation progress of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, this global forum brings together governments, organisations and stakeholders to share and discuss innovative approaches, developments and trends in reducing (disaster) risks worldwide.

This year, the event highlights the shift “From Risk to Resilience: Towards Sustainable Development for All in a COVID-19 Transformed World”. Because we must ask ourselves: How has the pandemic challenged our understanding of risks? How can be become more risk-informed?

The exhibit “Understanding risks, addressing complexity, fostering resilience – Contributions from Germany” is hosted on behalf of the Federal Government and the Interministerial Working Group Sendai (IMAG Sendai) and commissioned by the BMZ. At the hybrid booth, federal ministries and offices, as well as other relevant organizations will showcase why fostering resilience based on cross-sectoral cooperation is key to address current and future, systematic and interdependent risks worldwide. As a part of the exhibit, various GIZ projects will highlight diverse approaches and good practices to foster risk-informed development and strengthen resilience worldwide.

Development is taking place in an environment of uncertainty and complexity with dynamic risks and emerging threats. Disasters wipe out many years of development achievements and reduce the development opportunities of countries. The COVID-19 pandemic highlights the need for a risk-informed development approach to safeguard development achievements across all sectors.

Decisions that we take today on public investments, infrastructure development, sectoral development plans and business management, will define how well we are able to meet future challenges. The concept of risk-informed development can guide these decision-making processes by promoting an understanding of development that takes account of a wide range of interdependent, dynamic, cross-border and, in some cases, simultaneous risks. Risk-informed development is a continuous process of addressing complexity – and never neglecting it.

Check out this year’s agenda to take part in the GP2022 sessions and visit the virtual exhibit of the German Government organised by GIDRM.