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The Initiative

The Global Initiative on Disaster Risk Management (GIDRM) was founded by Germany's Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) on behalf of the German Government to strengthen the country's contribution to improved disaster risk management worldwide.

In cooperation with its partners from the public and private sector, academia and civil society, GIDRM co-creates innovative solutions to meet challenges presented by disaster risks. By fostering partnerships and providing a forum for new and innovative ways of collaboration in disaster risk management, Germany contributes to the global efforts of reducing the damages and losses caused by disasters. To effectively reduce disaster risks, risk factors have to be identified and context-specific solutions developed. Raising risk awareness, encouraging knowledge-sharing between experts and decision makers and creating space for innovations across regions are important activities to achieve this.

GIDRM offers a networking forum for German and international experts and service providers to match the global demand with sustainable solutions and innovative technologies in disaster risk management, combining proven national and international disaster risk management approaches with German services, products and technologies.

The Global Initiative has three priority areas:

  1. Strengthening Disaster Response Preparedness and Civil Protection
  2. Resilient Critical Infrastructure and Risk-sensitive Economic Cycles
  3. Effective Early Warning Systems

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